Which company provides retail industry software?

In today’s era retail industry, brands must know how to manage and leverage a large level business. Whether a customer is researching a brand online or shopping in a brick and e-commerce store, the experience should be familiar and personalized.

Our Software Development Company team provide best solutions for the retail industry software, combined with retail analytics, parameters drives the much-needed digital transformation as per requirement. Our retail industry solutions provide end-customer experience and improve business efficiency through an integrated set of disruptive technologies like mobility, big data analytics, security, cloud computing, social computing, and IoT.

Businesses in the retail industry today tend to go on the flow when it comes to enhancing customer usability and experience whilst maintaining the budget. So each & every client needs up-to-date and advanced enterprise level business management or CRM system.

Retail Industry CRM & ERP Software Solutions

  • Improved control on financial data, stock and supply chain cycles data
  • Automated stock management and purchasing replacement tools for the retail industry
  • Comprehensive warehouse management online tools
  • Seamless integration with external databases, web-stores, third-party logistics and courier systems, point of sale and barcode scanning technology
  • Track customer contacts and purchasing data
  • Advanced Business Intelligence to inform business strategy notification
  • Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations
  • Better anticipate customer demand

Source: Retail Management Software & ERP Software Development

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Which is the best iPhone application development company in India?

Build an iOS app from IIH Global who have full experience in crafting eye-catching iOS apps on clients’ demand. Our experience iOS app development team is talented in craft feature-rich iOS apps. These applications are awesomely designed as well as use the most recent technologies from the present iOS SDK to provide you with the best result to stand unique among your competitors. IIH Global iPhone application advancement services for organizations and new businesses to hold customers on your iOS apps successfully. Our iPhone application designers have broad involvement in dealing with the entire lifecycle of iPhone applications for worldwide customers.

Our iOS Development Approach

Our decent approach to iOS application development has resulted in top products that have been downloaded and used by millions.

In-House – All Code

All iOS app development services are completed in-house at our India office. Not a single line of code is outsourced.

Specialized IOS Developers

We have experienced iPad and iPhone app developers software that specialize in iOS development designated to your project.

App Store Deployment

We handle the entire App Store submission & optimization process including the listing, descriptions, assets, basic SEO and more.

Custom Agile Process

iOS development is completed via a custom agile process that minimizes risk, maximizes velocity, more secure and promotes transparency.

End-To-End Service

Our iOS development services include consulting and product strategy, UX/UI design, development, testing and technical delivery.

Maintenance & Support

IIH Global offers the best maintenance and support packages on top of our iOS development services that help you keep on top of platform updates and app upgrades.

iPhone / iPad App Development Services

More of Native and Hybrid development for building iOS Apps that deliver performance and growth. As an iOS app development company, we offer;

  • Custom API Integration
  • MDM Integration
  • BLE Device Integration
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Beacon Integration
  • Location/GPS Services Integration
  • Audio/Video Live Streaming
  • 3rd Party Application Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Stripe, PayPal etc.)
  • Porting and Migration from Other Platforms
  • Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Google Apps etc.
  • Apple Watch Integration
  • QA Testing on real Apple devices

We have developed applications for various industries, our professionals are efficient in utilizing the vast scope of technology. We have built applications for multiple domains like:

  • Social Networking Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Educational Applications
  • Real Estate Applications
  • E-Commerce Applications
  • Geo Location-enabled Applications
  • Banking Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • On-demand Applications

Source: Award Winning iPhone App Design & Development Company UK & India

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Which are some good pharmacy software development companies?

If you are planning to set up a new pharmacy? Or in case you intend to revamp the present one? Well, going by the fact that technology is blooming and the medical sector is a crucial sector in a community, the development of this sector is quite crucial, isn’t it? Spending on pharmacy management software is always a good idea. In the systems have become the biggest part for any of the pharmacy system that is keen to stay competitive and believes in delivering better care to the consumers via an automated & fully secure system.

We expand their blessing to sooth the activities of pharmacy holder. Today automation software is using widely in pharmacy management to track the medicine flow, record daily purchase and sells, create on-demand basis modern & POS invoice, calculate expenses & income automatically, record supplier outcome, get stock reports and so many other operations. We at Top Custom Software Development Company using the automation software used to moderate & manage multi-task pharmacy is named after the Pharmacy Management system


Why should you get a Pharmacy Management System Software?

Management of pharmacy software is one of the best place toughest management systems. Worker operating longer hours handling payments and dues of patients. We know they have to take care of all important documents & records like medicine’s, clinic revenue, invoices, etc. so this work takes a lot of time, so the manually demand time is high, the manual error is high. During a traditional pharmacy management system. As a result, so many of them are using the pharmacy management system:

We have listed some of the other benefits of Pharmacy Management System Software.

  • Pharmacy Store Software increases productivity and business profitability.
  • It’s a fully customized pharmacy software which can be used as per requirement.
  • Pharmacy management system software comes with various useful features available in the system such as expiry date alert and minimum stock alert.
  • Pharmacy management software helps in generating alerts when stock order from the primary store.
  • A centralized data storage facility with easy and interactive retrieval of information.
  • Smart user management by assigning different privileges as per requirement pharmacy system can assign.
  • The pharmacy management system is fully integrated with a barcode scanner to speed up the sale procedure.
  • Pharmacy management software provides an extensive list of drugs.
  • Enhancing pharmacy management software you get accurate consumption details.

Key Features of Pharmacy Management Software:

  • Patient communication via SMS & email
  • Clinical Patient Services
  • Barcode scanning for quick and safe dispensing
  • Tablet PC dispensing module
  • Multiple order pads with drug and drop functionality
  • Stock Control Management System
  • Data accessible from any PC with a secure data connection
  • Inventory management control
  • Prescription processing & description
  • Maintain records of all activities like purchase, sales, stock flow
  • Medicine Purchase Request & Order.
  • Ability to improve store productivity
  • Drug issue to Patients and Billing.
  • Full Security of Data
  • Supplier & Manufacturer Information.
  • Maintenance of Medicine Stock.
  • Alerts & Return of items nearing Expiry.
  • Destruction of Expired Medicines.
  • Physical stock verification and adjustment.
  • Stock in Hand reports with complete details of Medicines.
  • Ability to extend services like online medicine purchase
  • All transactions particular report.

Final REPORTS – Pharmacy at your fingertips

System module offers ready and easy to use reports that enable quick and effective management of your pharmacy. A wide range of reports such as sales return report, purchase order report, purchase order return report, inventory report along with dashboard report and batch inventory report are readymade available to the user.

  • Daily Visits Reports
  • Daily Expenses Reports
  • Daily Pending Collection Reports
  • Monthly Pending Collection Report
  • Monthly Visits Report
  • Monthly Expenses Report
  • Inventory Reports
  • Purchase Order Reports

Source: Custom Pharmacy Management System Software Development

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Top Software Development Company in London, UK, USA, India

We, top leading Software Development Company that focuses on a highly-skilled, on-timely delivered and affordable IT outsourcing services. Highly experience of 6+ years & quality standards to make software solutions that give your business cutting edge solutions. Our software outsourcing model ensures we have delivered 100+ successful projects developed for the UK, USA, and Germany Based clients. We serve clientele across the globe with offices in UK, USA & Development Center in India.

Why Choose IIH Global for Your Next Software Development Project?

IIH Global is one of the UK’s leading software development companies in London. We offer a range of customized software services to fulfill your specific operational requirements. Also, Bespoke software to optimize your company processes and help the client to reach & setup business goals Also including software testing and once complete sales support, once the software is ready to use. After that, we provide one demo training session for software use, as well as tutorials & programs to help you more user interactive.


Being one of the top software development companies in the UK, we cover all the latest technology in order to meet the client’s requirements with possible solutions and provide modern software solutions. Major focusing on specific industries and provide the best software development services as per their specific client’s requirement. being a top software development firm, It covers following industries retail, recruitment eCommerce, eLearning, social networking, sales & marketing, healthcare apps, tour and travel, logistics & transport, real-estate, media & entertainment, & last but not least CRM systems.

Our Software Development Services

1) Software Conceptualization and Design

2) Software Product Development

3) Software Product Re-engineering

4) Software Maintenance and Support

5) Software Testing and Quality Assurance

There are so many advantages of Bespoke Software Development

  • Easy to operate hence extra functionalities will not be present in customized software.
  • Major Software is developed exclusively to meet client’s specific needs  unlike off the shelf solutions.
  • Maximum functionality or tools can be designed & customized into your solution at a later when if required changes.
  • Customize solutions will dramatically improve your efficiency as well as productivity as they have been built to exclusively meet your targeted goal.
  • As per performance of software requirements, you will no longer be forced into purchasing a whole product to access only one particular tool or function.

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Who are the Top Fantasy Sport Software Developers?

IIH GLOBAL dedicated team advance toward every time to develop mobile application also work on how to reach your business success goal. Because of advance features, we have been ranked top sport app development company in London, UK & India to hire sports app developers. We design, consult, develop websites and apps for sports industry. We have a dedicated, highly skilled and experienced team of fantasy app development developers. They work at very affordable rates. Our team delivers the best solutions to customers across the globe. That app will also help you to position your company in the market.


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IIH Global is a Bronze Sponsor of WordCamp Event Ahmedabad 2019

We are happy to announce that IIH Global as Pop (Bronze) Sponsor of WordCamp. We committed at a company level to give back to the community. In this competitive world,  We have managed to grow more and more every day. So we set the goal to help other local businesses do the same. That’s why IIH Global is a bronze sponsor of WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019 #WCAhmedabad. #WCAhmedabad2019.


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What type of CRM is used in a real estate business?

While the increasing competition in Realtor App developers, agents, and business. It’s difficult to attract potential clients. Now buyers have lots of choices before them while making their investment planning.

But for the real estate professionals, there are so many challenges. The main challenge lies in intensive targeting through marketing campaigns. Then they have to plan to follow-ups to create a strong network of prospects and transform this pool into genuine customers.

If we think about requirements, a majority of real estate industry agents are searching for CRM software service. Do you think why CRM software has become popular or important for the Real Estate industry?


CRM System: There are Two Major Factors:

  • Long sales cycle management software
  • Immediate response management software

These two elements are strongly related to client communication. It becomes advanced survey information is tracked, analyzed, and followed up effectively.

  • From 1983 to 2015, the top source for buyers and sellers finding realtors has been from referrals.
  • 85% of buyers would use their agent again or refer them to others.
  • 80% of sellers would use their agent again or refer them to others.
  • 30% of agents generate more than 50% of their business from repeat clients.
  • 42% of buyers were referred to their realtor through a friend, neighbor or relative.

CRM features and functions in real estate

CRM applications enable consistent and complete communication both externally and internally with tenants, investors, suppliers and partners. Any efficient data like information about property, clients, transactions and communication processes can be found in the system. This particular program helps to integrate a few steps into one so that to save time and keep the process quick, clean and simple.

We customize CRM software with the following functions:

  • An investor module is a special place where all information concerning buyers and sellers is stored. This program helps to keep potential buyers happy and working team up-to-date while recording outgoing and incoming email traffic, tours, phone calls, and any other communication with the client.
  • The property search engine system is the quickest and easiest search feature in which the real estate agent can search from predetermined fields to undetermined ones in order to find the property that satisfies the clients’ demands.

The executive dashboard system is a greatly effective tool that is aimed at following the most important pieces of information whether they are financial deals and trends or sales forecasts and helping you track personal success.

Notify your agents when a new lead is assigned to them

Automate SMS and email communication to your real estate agents when a new lead is assigned to them, or if a new site visit is booked in their name. This would help them manage a perfect schedule.

Capture all your interactions with the potential buyers

Whether the prospect calls your agents, books a site visitor sends or receives an email or SMS from your agents, or communicates through any other channel, all the conversations are tracked within the software system.

Deal and commission tracking system serve to control the deals by probability and stage just to know what processes are coming down the pipeline and where you should concentrate attention. It also helps to track percentages and commissions between outside and inside brokers.

The pre-built report system prevents you from spending countless hours creating both external and internal reports. It allows to generate various types of specialized reports and to make them dynamic thus you can once create them and practice on a continual basis.

The lease preference tracking system allows matching potential clients with the properties that meet their requirements. The program is divided into several areas, such as asset & geographical position, price situation, purchase or lease, and their perfect match helps to find the suitable target property.

CRM for Real Estate is a perfect solution for Developers engaged in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate development across the globe.

Built on the excellent CRM platform, it handles everything that’s required for Top Real Estate App Development Companies to run their business. From managing Developments, Buildings and Units till Deal Tracking and Report generation, the Real Estate Developer CRM does it all.

You can also sync your Developments/Projects between the CRM system and your Website so that the Development Status, Development Photographs can be updated in real-time from CRM to your website.


  • Import templates for collected data to map in Real Estate CRM
  • Installation & configuration of Real Estate CRM System
  • User permission access in Real Estate CRM System
  • Real Estate CRM software reports approval & closing deals
  • Training session on all Real Estate CRM modules

Benefits CRM can bring to real estate

CRM solutions have been designed for those who expect their real estate business to grow and develop rapidly and who want to analyze improvement trends and upgrade relationships with their clients. In Real Estate CRM solutions you can get the most dramatic benefits as per below:

  • Analysis your ownerships properly and get the most out of your advertising budget
  • Manage client external relationships with legal advice, accountants, and consultants
  • Track financials and be always aware of every kind of payment done within the system
  • Receive daily backups as per client requirements.
  • Have access to a virtual office from any Internet-connected PC.
  • Systemize project management through project tasks, scheduled activities, reminders, follow up and work reports.

CRM has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in many business arenas the world over, but some of the most fulfilling work may be in assisting agents to help place individuals into the homes of their dreams.

We, IIH global top leading best Real Estate software development company helps to easier agent communication, the home-buying process for their customers, and in the process, make sure to be a happy, productive relationship for everyone.

Please feel free to send us an email at info@iihglobal.com or get in touch with us, Our business development team will get back to you.

Source: Real Estate CRM Software for Builders, Agents & Property Developers

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